Book private sauna in Naustet 2. august


The Naustet sauna has a max capacity of 8 people. It can be booked for private 2-hour sessions. Larger groups can book it, but should not expect all to fit inside at the same time. During a session there is a small changing room and a shower available that is closed off from the main area of Naustet. Guests have a small window directly into the bar for ordering refreshments if they want to keep it private or have the option using the fireplace and bar in main area as well. The temperature inside the sauna is between 75–90 °C.

Swimsuits are required. Towels can be rented. You are not allowed to bring your own drinks - drinks are bought in the bar.

This booking is for up to 4 people. If you are more than that, you can pay for the rest at the bar (200kr/person).


Swimsuits are required.
Drinks are bought in the bar. Because of our license you are not allowed to bring your own drinks.